Monday, November 8, 2010

I close my eyes
Sometimes, I just lie staring up at a ceiling caked with dust and I hope that the next moment will not come
Or the moment after that
But it always comes and I continue to lie here. Staring.

I lie here shattered and without hope without possibility and all I have left are memories
I could become singular and separate from the world around me
But the memories are there and I am not alone not alone enough
I wait for the end that will never come
I am broken
My body
My mind
My future
My thoughts

I don't remember the pain
I do remember the fear
I didn't think they'd ever stop
I never made a sound
I didn't cry out or ask them to stop even when they crushed my head

I didn't move for a very long time
Very quietly
There was pain
There was only numbness and silence
There had to be
But I don't remember it


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